Food Tour Adventure Card


  • 3 Food tastings with our restaurant partners.
  • 3 Alcohol pairings with your food.
  • A map and info sheet of your stops.
  • A card to collect a unique stamp at each stop.

What to Expect:

Food Tour Adventure Cards allow you to do a tour when you want and how you want! Enjoy the convenience of purchasing a tour card that gives you 3 incredible food tastings with 3 alcohol pairings with our restaurant partners. You’ll be able to schedule your tour stops whenever you want and in whatever order you want giving you the ultimate flexibility.

After purchase you will be emailed a confirmation of your booking with instructions on how to pick up your Food Tour Adventure Card. The instructions will include the list of restaurants for your tastings to reserve a table for your desired time and day. In order to redeem your tastings you’ll pick up your Adventure Card at the designated restaurant partner first and then you can start collecting stamps.

Available Locations:

Downtown St. Catharines